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The Sandlot Journey

Director:  Rick Waggener

Screenwriter:  Bill Severns

Genre:  Documentry

Available For Purchase:

You only get so much time to spend with your kids.  You need to make sure that when it's all said and done, you have no regrets.  

Our kids really do need us.  The times have certainly changed.  Things have gotten really hectic and the pressures on our children are ever increasing in many ways.  Kids still have the same dreams, they need the Sandlot time to play just like we did.  It is essential to their growth.  They have to be able to play fearlessly, take chances, be supported and have YOU there. 

Thanks to all of our amazing friends who took the time to give of their time to share their experiences.  There is nothing like experience to guide us.  No matter where you are, what you have done or where you are going, today is the day you have been given. Get started, have fun and enjoy the trip. The film features George Brett, Ned Yost, Frank White, Cat Osterman, Kevin Seitzer, Bill Hancock, Mike Macfarlane, Brian Holman, and many others is a very emotional journey into the world of youth sports.


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